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Mar 312014

Over the past 6 years, we’ve had multiple clients bring their dogs to us to help them with their behavior and obedience issues.  Almost each and every one at some point has jokingly asked us, “Do you train kids?”.  After weeks of training and certifications, we can finally say that we do!  Starting today, we’ll be offering completely FREE Child Handling and Obedience workshops in a similar setting to our Socialization Classes!  If you have issues with any of the following, we’re here to help:

  • Potty Training

  • Bedtime

  • Foul Language (“Stupid head!”)baby

  • Sharing (“Mine!”)

  • Laughing Uncontrollably at Shiny Objects

  • Constant Crying

  • Car Rides

  • Eating (We’ll be offering advanced “Choo Choo” and “Here comes the airplane!” sessions).

  • Drawing/Painting on Walls or Furniture (We’ll help them harness their new found creativity and use it in a more structured way).

  • And much more!

Coming this fall, Teen Obedience and Behavior Classes!


**This very obviously isn’t a real program, please don’t call us about it.  April Fools!
Mar 032014
utah dog trainer

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Cesar Millan’s Training Cesar’s Way Fundamentals 1 course at his Dog Psychology Center in California. It was an intense 5 day course, and I learned so much! It was such an amazing experience! These are pictures from the workshop.

Feb 112014

This is a quick video of some off leash work with Sophie the German Shepherd.  She is very nervous around humans.  We’re working to help her become much more comfortable around humans and in this video, working on obedience and off leash walking to help build a human/dog bond.  Nervousness is one of the main issues clients come to us for with their dogs, it’s something we work with frequently.  If you have a nervous/fearful dog, contact us today!

Jan 232014
utah dog training

Stella (left, here for fully trained puppy camp), Raja (middle,our current foster), and Napoleon (right, our trainer friend Heather Hamilton’s dog visiting for the day) practicing off leash sit/stays and doing an off leash pack walk today. They all did awesome! Especially Raja, considering it was her first time ever working off leash on the ecollar. She’s such a smart pup!

utah dog training

Jan 232014

Avy is an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog our of our litter C (www.wccberners.com) that is here for our 4 week Obedience Camp program. She is an amazing and sweet girl. So smart and very willing to please. She has come a very long way in her training and is now ready to go home. She is doing amazing with her obedience and advanced off leash reliability. We are so happy with her progress!



Jan 232014
utah dog training

Abby is a Pit Bull/Lab mix that we are working with through our private puppy training program. She got to practice loose leash work with two dogs as a distraction during our last session. She also learned how to walk on the treadmill, and how to do sit/stays with two dogs as a distraction. She’s a smart pup that will be a well behaved adult if her owners keep up their great work!

utah dog training

Jan 232014
utah dog training

Avy is doing amazing! She will be going home this Saturday and is definitely ready to go. Today she went on a full off leash walk/jog, and passed little kids roller blading, lots of crazy barking dogs, and people walking their dogs. She stayed right by my side and never once tried to leave. Such a sweet and smart girl she is!

utah dog training