Oct 152013

Belle is a Lab mix that we had here for the day yesterday to evaluate her human and dog aggression. The aggression ended up just being that she is a total fearful and nervous girl that has been put into the wrong situations. She needs a bit of work, and has a long road ahead of her, but I have high hopes for this girl! We have a training plan in place for this girl, and are excited to see her progress.

The first video is of her first time meeting Alan and I. Our body language, energy and leash work is all very soft with this girl to help her feel safe and learn to trust us. She definitely is a shy girl that has a lot of self esteem she needs to build, as well as trust in humans.

The second video is of her first time meeting our pack and other dogs we have here for boarding/training. As you will see, she is very uncomfortable, don’t want anything to do with the other dogs, and paces a lot. She will get better over time with training and more exposure.


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