Bernese Mtn Dog Puppies


On the side of training and rehabilitating dogs, Wasatch Canine Camp, LLC also breeds Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.  We take pride in our puppies, and strive to bring you healthy, well rounded, social, and confident puppies.  Before you take one of our puppies home, we start them on potty training, crate training, practicing good manners, practicing impulse control, and coming when called.

Our puppies also go through Early Neural Stimulation from 3 days old to 4 weeks old, Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test, and extensive socialization to dogs, cats, kids, people, noises, obstacles, objects, and more!  They always have their dewclaws removed, current vaccines before going home, dewormings, a chiropractic adjustment done at 5 weeks, and are fed a very high quality holistic diet.  We also include our private Puppy Training package in the sale price of each of our puppies ($350 value).

For more information about our puppies, please click the following link below:

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies

One of our Bernese Mountain Dog Litters @ 4 weeks

One of our Bernese Mountain Dog Litters @ 4 weeks