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We have several in depth Board and Train programs for you to choose from.  Some are not as intense as others, and some are designed just for puppies.  We have a great variety of board and train programs, so click one of the pages in the board and train drop down menu above to get started on choosing the right program for you!

Nikki and Apollo practicing off leash sit/stays during their time in our Obedience Camp program

Nikki and Apollo practicing off leash sit/stays during their time in our Obedience Camp program

**ALL of our board and train camp programs come with our Lifetime support guarantee!  If you are ever not satisfied with the training completed, we will always take your dog/puppy back and work with them until you are satisfied, free of charge!**

If your dog is currently enrolled in one of our longer Board & Train programs and you’ve decided to change their food, or if you’ve been asked to purchase more food by us, please use the menu below.

Please use the button below if you are sending a non refundable training deposit/retainer:

Please use the following form if you are paying for food for your dog currently enrolled in one of our Board and Train programs:

Board & Train Food

Touch up training for any of our Board and Train programs is FREE.  As long as you are following everything that we’ve taught you at home and are being as consistent as possible with your dog’s training, we are always happy to take back and continue training your dog. Training with us is not just a one and done kind of deal, we’re here for you whenever you need us! Please note that touch up training is only available to Board and Train program attendees, and is entirely based on our availability/current schedule.  You must notify us before hand if you would like to schedule touch up training, it is not something that we can do without prior notice and our approval.  For all other programs (private training, group classes, etc), we offer our monthly client practice classes, if you need to schedule touch up training or need more details in regards to practice classes, contact us today!

*Any dogs that set foot in our training facility must be up to date on their vaccines. Puppies must have at the very least their first set of vaccines. Proof of vaccines in required before any of our services can be provided, including training, group classes, boarding, and daycare. If you have any questions in regards to vaccines, please let us know!

*All training programs come with our lifetime support guarantee! We are here to assist you for the life of your dog, answering questions you may have via phone, text message, or email. We care about the success and happiness of you and your pup, and do our best to be there for you when you need us.