Boarding & Daycare


Daycare will be CANCELED on the following dates:

– 6/16/20

We apologize for any inconvenience; all unlimited daycare passes
will be extended to make up for canceled dates! 

We have been voted best Dog Daycare center in Utah Valley, in the“Daily Herald Utah Valley Best of” for 2016 -2019, four years in a row! Thank you to all that have voted for us!


We offer a safe, fun, structured boarding and daycare environment for your dog!   Because we are experienced trainers, this allows us to accept dogs of ANY behaviors!

We work hard to make your dog’s stay feel just like home, you’re more than welcome to bring your dog’s favorite toys, treats or bones when you drop them off! 

While your dog is with us, they will be involved in many different structured activities throughout the day.  These activities can include:

  • 3 to 4 Supervised, safe Socialization/Play Groups per day, separated by dog size/age

  • Obedience/Training Exercises (this applies to utah dog trainerprevious/current board and train attendees only, and must be scheduled with us before hand)

  • Rest/Down Time

  • Bonus Playtime (fetch, special toys/treats/bones) ***

  • Treadmill Time ***

  • Swimming (seasonal) ***

Items marked with *** are Add-On options, rates for these options are listed below.

**If you have a questionable dog with serious behavior problems, please contact us before hand so that we can speak with you about these issues. We may require an evaluation before hand in some specific cases.  Please also note that if your dog has any serious medical issues they need to be made known in advance.  For safety reasons, we cannot board elderly dogs of age 12 or older, typically we recommend you board them with your veterinarian.**


Drop Off/Pickup Times

Daycare Hours:

Available Monday – Fridayboarding
Drop Off: 7:30-10am
Pick Up: 4:30-6:30pm

***NO appointment is required for daycare, just bring your pup in during our morning drop off hours, Monday through Friday!***

Boarding Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-10am & 4:30-6:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12:30 – 2pm


115 N 1330 W
Orem, UT

***Boarding services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY please contact us ahead by of time by phone or text message to schedule any drop offs! Please DO NOT email about boarding requests!***


utah dog trainerBoarding Rates

Single Dog – $40 per day
Two Dogs – $65 per day (save $15/day)
Three Dogs – $90 per day (save $30/day)
Four Dogs – $115 per day (save $45/day)
**multi dog rates are only apply to dogs that have the same owner**

Monthly Boarding Rate (30 days) –
$900 per dog, per month
(no multi dog discounts for this option – save $300/month)



Daycare Rates

$30 per day, per dog
$130 – 5 day pass, per dog (save $20)
$250 – 10 day pass, per dog (save $50)
$425 – Unlimited Daycare, per dog, per month (save $175)




Treadmill Time (One 15 minute session) – $10 per day, per dog
Swimming (One session focusing on swimming skills and confidence building) – $25 per day, per dog
Go Home Bath – $20 per dog
Nail Trim – $5 per dog
1 on 1 Personal Interaction/Play Session with a Staff Member (20-30 min) – $15 per day, per dog
Raw Elk Bone – $5 per bone

**Please know that we cannot guarantee completion of add on services, as we sometimes cannot always fit them into our busy schedule. They are also done on a first come first serve basis. We do our best to get to all of them, but they may not be completed. You will not be charged for any incomplete add on services.**


When your dog comes to stay with us for Boarding or a Board and Train program:

  • Bring enough food for the entirety of their stay with us. Please make sure that the food is either in the original bag, or in some kind of sealed container/ziplock bag, and that their food is labeled with their name and the amount of food that they typically eat each day. If you feed a raw diet, please make sure that it is in sealed zip locks or bags that do not leak.

  • Make sure your dog has a collar on during their stay, and please bring them in to us on a clip leash or slip leash, no retractable leashes (unless you absolutely don’t have anything else).

  • Bring their most up to date vaccination records.

  • Make sure your dog has proper tags on their collar (name, contact information, etc)

  • If your dog is on any kind of supplements or medications, please bring them and provide written instructions giving amounts required and frequency that they need to be given. If your dog is not okay with taking their medication orally or if it is placed in their food, please provide something to assist in giving it to them (peanut butter, Pill Pockets, lunch meat, etc).

  • We can provide bedding for your dog, please do not bring bedding with you. Typically if accidents happen, bedding sometimes can become misplaced in the laundry, we don’t want this to happen. We provide blankets/towels for smaller dogs/puppies (as long as they do not destroy them), and raised cots for medium to larger size dogs that stay with us.

*Any dogs that set foot in our training facility must be up to date on their vaccines. Puppies must have at the very least their first set of vaccines. Proof of vaccines in required before any of our services can be provided, including training, group classes, boarding, and daycare. If you have any questions in regards to vaccines, please let us know!

**We accept cash, check, or credit card. Payments via credit card are higher due to credit card fees**

**All training programs and program prices subject to change at any time for any reason**