Feb 112014

This is a quick video of some off leash work with Sophie the German Shepherd.  She is very nervous around humans.  We’re working to help her become much more comfortable around humans and in this video, working on obedience and off leash walking to help build a human/dog bond.  Nervousness is one of the main issues clients come to us for with their dogs, it’s something we work with frequently.  If you have a nervous/fearful dog, contact us today!

Jan 232014

Avy is an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog our of our litter C (www.wccberners.com) that is here for our 4 week Obedience Camp program. She is an amazing and sweet girl. So smart and very willing to please. She has come a very long way in her training and is now ready to go home. She is doing amazing with her obedience and advanced off leash reliability. We are so happy with her progress!



Jan 232014

Titus went home with his owners on Saturday, but not before taking a walk down “Barking Alley”! We take all board and trains down this road multiple times toward the end of their training, as it is a very big distraction and helps immensely with off leash reliability around dogs.

Jan 132014

Here’s a fun video of the dogs here today playing in the snow during social time. Training dogs in this video are: Avy, Stella, Charlie, Titus, Chiyah, and Trinity. Boarding dogs in the video are: Panda, Koda, Izzy, Cosmo, and Malibu.