E-Touch ™ Training


E-Touch ™ is a method developed by Martin Deeley, Executive Director of the International Association of Canine Professionals and Director of the International School for Dog Trainers.  Heather Beck was taught this method by Martin Deeley and Bethany was lucky enough to be certified as an E-Touch ™ trainer from Heather Beck.

Sundance and her owner doign their very first off leash walk, all thanks to the E-Touch training method!

Sundance and her owner doign their very first off leash walk, all thanks to the E-Touch training method!


“E-Touch™, which Martin Deeley developed, is not a magic method it is a catalyst which can be incorporated within  training approaches to train even better. In training a dog we may use food, verbal rewards, tactile rewards, or whatever. The e-collar is a tool that can be added to the mixture to create something special. But with E-Touch™ the main principles of good training do not disappear, we stay creative, we do not depend on the e-collar for everything, there is no one best approach, it is not a race to see who can train the fastest. And most of all we work within the temperament and pace of the dog – reading the dog, and by doing so maintaining a true companion relationship is essential. We want a dog that will be a dog, will make decisions, and basically acts as a dog while remaining a partner and companion. E-Touch™ makes this possible, it is the most non confrontational and gentlest way.”

– Martin Deeley 

The price for unlimited private training sessions at our facility is $1,000.  Each package comes with your very own remote dog training collar, and a free day of drop off training.


  • We will take the time to teach your dog to respond to the lowest level possible on the e-collar.

  • We will take the time to teach your dog exactly what we want them to do when they feel stimulation from the e-collar.

  • We will teach your dog how to be off-leash reliable, by your side, even when there are distractions around.

  • We will teach you how to correctly use the e-collar so that you are 100% confident that you can work with your dog when we aren’t there.

    Tuon, Nikki & Apollo practicing an off leash sit/stay

    Tuon, Nikki & Apollo practicing an off leash sit/stay

  • We will teach your dog a “place” command (which is similar to the “stay” command).

  • We will teach you the importance of proper nutrition for your dog.

  • We will give you a very strict schedule for your dog to follow while they’re in training.

  • We will teach you dog psychology and pack mentality to help you understand how to communicate with your dog better, and how to read their body language better.

  • We will master the walk with your dog, teaching them to walk by your side with a loose leash (it’s important that your dog knows how to walk with a loose leash, even though they will be off-leash reliable as well).

  • Master sit, down, and stay (with distance and distractions).

  • We will teach you many different ways to correct your dog properly, when needed.

  • We will teach your dog to walk on the treadmill (if you have one).

  • We will talk about the importance of crate training.

  • We will work on any major behavior problems (aggression, anxiety, fear, obsessions, over excitability etc).

  • Clicker Training is available upon request only


The remote dog training collar is NOT a “shock collar,” the collar Bethany uses gives off a very gentle stimulation, is extremely consistent, water proof, has a range of half a mile, and is rechargeable.  Not only that, we will also train your dog to respond on very low stimulation levels, levels that can barely be felt on a persons hand, so that your dog is not getting injured.


Along with our private E-Touch ™ training package, we also have our Group E-touch ™ class and Speedy E-Touch ™ class. 

*Any dogs that set foot in our training facility must be up to date on their vaccines. Puppies must have at the very least their first set of vaccines. Proof of vaccines in required before any of our services can be provided, including training, group classes, boarding, and daycare. If you have any questions in regards to vaccines, please let us know!

*All training programs come with our lifetime support guarantee! We are here to assist you for the life of your dog, answering questions you may have via phone, text message, or email. We care about the success and happiness of you and your pup, and do our best to be there for you when you need us.

**We accept cash, check, credit card, or Paypal.  Payments via credit card or Paypal are higher because they take out a percentage of each payment.**

**All training programs and program prices subject to change**