Mar 032014
utah dog trainer

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Cesar Millan’s Training Cesar’s Way Fundamentals 1 course at his Dog Psychology Center in California. It was an intense 5 day course, and I learned so much! It was such an amazing experience! These are pictures from the workshop.

Oct 272013

This week we had the amazing opportunity to learn from one of the most well known and successful dog trainers in the industry, Marc Goldberg of  Marc has been training dogs for 40 years, and has experienced and resolved almost any issue imaginable with any dog.  We met Marc for the first time earlier this year when we visited The Monks of New Skete in New York (Authors of How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend, and The Art of Raising a Puppy).  The Monks themselves have learned quite a bit from Marc, as he has also learned a lot from them.

The seminar was full of very valuable information in regards to dog behavior and dog training.  What we learned will definitely help us to further improve what we already offer when it comes to dog training and dog behavior.  We also had a lot of fun with other fellow trainers from across the nation who came to attend the seminar.  We are constantly learning and working to improve your experience, and your dog’s experience with us.

Utah Dog Trainer

Everyone that attended the seminar.

Utah Dog Trainer

Marc working his magic.

Utah Dog Trainer

Lunch with our fellow trainers.

Oct 212013

We are constantly learning, working to improve our training methods and information to keep it as up to date, effective, and gentle as possible. We’ve had many opportunities to work with some of the top trainers in the nation. In the past year we’ve worked with Kayce Cover learning S.A.T.S. to better communicate with animals in general. We also had the amazing opportunity to attend a seminar and talk face to face with The Monks of New Skete. In the past we’ve attended multiple seminars by local well known trainer Heather Beck of K9 lifeline, as well as Chicago trainer Chad Mackin, who are the reason we run our Pack to Basics ™ free socialization classes. Next week we’re attending a seminar by Marc Goldberg of, who’s been training dogs for decades. As long as there are dogs to be trained, we’ll be adding to our knowledge of dog behavior and training!