Obedience Camp


Obedience Camp is specifically designed for dogs that have no manners, and no obedience training under their belt.  But can also be extremely beneficial for anyone looking to resolve their dog’s unruly behaviors, or just give them a more structured, happier life!  The Obedience Camp program is a results based program and is $2,995.  Your dog may stay here 4 weeks, or they may stay here for several months.  The length of time is dependent on how quickly they are adapting to the training.  Every dog is different and works at different paces, we don’t like to push them or rush the training, we want to get the job done right!  So you will only pay a flat rate fee and your dog will then stay here until their training is complete, no matter how long it takes.

During the obedience camp program, your dog will stay with us at our training center where we will be training, teaching, and helping them socialize properly and safely every day.  While your dog is here they will be on a very safe, structured, fun training schedule, and will be rotated between various activities during the day to keep them focused, tired, and happy.

  • We will teach your dog how to be off-leash reliable, by your side, even when there are distractions around.

  • We will use your dog’s food in combination with positive reinforcement, as well as any other training tools that work best for your dog, to create a fun, healthy level of focus and motivation.

  • We will teach you how to correctly use the e-collar so that you are 100% confident that you can work with your dog when we aren’t there.

  • We will teach your dog a “place” command (which is similar to the “stay” command).

  • We will use a pack of balanced dogs to help your dog remember how to be a dog again.

    utah dog trainer

    Fonzi and Ruger came to us to work on their behavior and obedience issues. They both went home happier, healthier, calmer dogs!

  • We will take the time to teach your dog to respond to the lowest level possible on the e-collar.

  • We will take the time to teach your dog exactly what we want them to do when they feel stimulation from the e-collar.

  • We will talk about the importance of crate training and how it can be extremely beneficial to creating a calmer, happier dog.

  • We will keep you updated on your dogs progress with videos, pictures, and descriptions through our facebook page.

  • We will teach you about dog psychology and pack mentality to help you understand how to communicate with your dog better, and how to read their body language better.

  • We will teach you the importance of proper nutrition for your dog, and how proper nutrition is necessary for your dog to be healthy both mentally and physically.

  • We will give you a structured, fun, reasonable training schedule for your dog to follow after they return home, to help them bring everything they learned with us home.

  • We will master the walk with your dog, teaching them to walk by your side with a loose leash (it’s important that your dog knows how to walk with a loose leash, even though they will be off-leash reliable as well).

  • Master sit, down, and stay (with distance and distractions).

  • We will teach you many different ways to correct your dog properly, when necessary.

  • We can teach your dog to walk on the treadmill (if you have one).

While your dog is here we will include them in a lot of socialization, pack walks, focus work, agility, treadmill training, obedience training, off leash training, distraction training, Pack to Basics ™ and more!  The obedience camp program is accommodated to what you need your dog to improve on and learn.  Every dog will experience a different obedience camp than the dog before them.  We are very flexible with what we can teach your canine friend, so please let us know exactly what you would like your dog to improve on or learn!

We work hard to make your dog’s stay feel just like home, you’re more than welcome to bring your dog’s favorite toys, blankets, beds, etc when you drop them off! You’ll also need to bring enough food to last the entirety of their stay with us.

Below are a couple videos from different dogs that have gone through the obedience camp training program.  There are many, many more on our Facebook page.



**ALL of our board and train camp programs come with our Lifetime support guarantee! If you are ever not satisfied with the training completed, we will always take your dog/puppy back and work with them until you are satisfied, free of charge!**


When your dog comes to stay with us for Boarding or a Board and Train program:

  • Bring enough food for the entirety of their stay with us. Please make sure that the food is either in the original bag, or in some kind of sealed container/ziplock bag, and that their food is labeled with their name and the amount of food that they typically eat each day. If you feed a raw diet, please make sure that it is in sealed zip locks or bags that do not leak.

  • Make sure your dog has a collar on during their stay, and please bring them in to us on a clip leash or slip leash, no retractable leashes (unless you absolutely don’t have anything else).

  • Bring their most up to date vaccination records.

  • Make sure your dog has proper tags on their collar (name, contact information, etc)

  • If your dog is on any kind of supplements or medications, please bring them and provide written instructions giving amounts required and frequency that they need to be given. If your dog is not okay with taking their medication orally or if it is placed in their food, please provide something to assist in giving it to them (peanut butter, Pill Pockets, lunch meat, etc).

  • If you have any toys or bones that your dog enjoys, you’re more than welcome to bring them for your dog.

  • We can provide bedding for your dog, we prefer that you do not bring bedding with you. Typically if accidents happen, bedding sometimes can become misplaced in the laundry, we don’t want this to happen. We provide blankets/towels for smaller dogs/puppies (as long as they do not destroy them), and raised cots for medium to larger size dogs that stay with us.


**We accept cash, check, or credit card.  Payments via credit card are higher due to credit card fees**

**All training programs and program prices subject to change at any time for any reason**