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“I could never say enough good things about Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp. They have changed our lives. Koa was an extremely difficult puppy. He didn’t take correction, he had so much energy he didn’t even know what to do with himself. We got a dog for the kids to have a playmate, but they didn’t want to have anything to do with him because he was so unpredictable and they were constantly being knocked to the ground because he was too energetic. It has been a year and a half of really hard work and moments of wanting to give up. There have been so many times when I thought “we made a HUGE mistake with this dog and he is never going to settle down and be the dog we wanted for our family.” But the last few weeks with Koa have been so dreamy. He is out of his crate and around with us in the house most of the day. He will just lay down in whatever room I am in and hang out there. He can be left out without having a CONSTANT eye on him. He can be trusted enough to lay on the end of our bed in the evenings while we read and he is the most pleasant company. My kids beg to take him out to play. We still have some work to do, but the improvements we have seen thanks to Bethany and her help are miraculous. Thank you so much Bethany for your help and support. Thank you for giving me tools to help him, but most of all HOPE that we could do it, that he could do it and that we COULD have the dog we always wanted.”

~ Nicole Miles, Eagle Mountain UT (Group Obedience & Group E-Touch)



“Wasatch Canine Camp is wonderful to work with! The training that Bethany provides is so much more than just obedience. When we had a newborn baby we took our fairly obedient, but very high energy dog to her for extra training and it truly paid off. This program was wonderful in that I feel like it trained me to be a good owner at least as much as it trained my dog. We learned better ways to train him and most importantly how to better understand his needs and communicate with him. Within a couple of weeks my dog was no longer chasing bikes or pulling on his leash – so essential when you are pushing a stroller! Bethany is so great in that a year later we are still able to take him back to her for very minor touch up sessions that are needed because I was inconsistent – this alone is well worth the money spent training my dog.”

~ Ashley Stapleton, Lehi UT (E-Touch Training)



“We have used this training service for almost 8 years now with three dogs. Our first dog was terrible yet Bethany was able to “fix” most of the issues. She is patient with you and the dog and will be there for questions for as long as you need her. We adopted our current dog, Molly, through Wasatch Canine Camps adoption services. I knew Molly had been thoroughly tested for issues before she came to us and Bethany had prepped us on them so we were not going to be surprised. She also has been great in giving us advice on what to do to conquer some of these problems. Molly has fit in well here and we appreciate the chance to own her!  We have had three dogs go through their programs and they are worth every penny.  If you are going to spend so much money on a puppy, why not be willing to spend some money on training it so you can keep that puppy without going nuts??”

~ Jolynn Forman, Santaquin UT (Puppy Training & E-Touch Training)



“I have used WCC training twice with great results. The first time we did just a 2 week training camp to help my pup with bite inhibition and general attitude adjustment. (She was constantly going after the kids and biting and tackling them!). When I picked her up after two weeks she was a different dog! We are currently in the process of some more advanced training with her now and I am already seeing amazing results. Bethany is very knowledgeable and my dog loves going to WCC for her training sessions. (She literally starts wagging her tail when we turn onto Bethany’s road.)  I’m so grateful for Bethany and Al. I would have given up long ago if not for them! They are knowledgeable and patient with me and my pup!”

~ Sheryl Rose, Mapleton UT (Puppy Camp & Speedy E-Touch)




“We decided to add a Bernese Mountain Dog to our family and we were so excited to find Wasatch Canine Camps!  Not only did we get a great puppy from them, they helped with training, socialization classes, and with every question or concern we had!  They have been there for us, and still are, through everything with our dogs!  Bethany is a great trainer and one of my favorite compliments I get from people about our Berner is that “she plays so well with other dogs!”   Wether you are looking for a breeder, trainer, or just getting your dog started out on the right foot with great socialization, Wasatch Canine Camps will give you 110%!”

~ Heather Smith, Taylorsville UT (Puppy Training)



“Wasatch Canine Camp is absolutely incredible. The biggest complaint I’ve seen is that it is pricey… while that is true, they make your payments worthwhile. (If you can’t afford it, that doesn’t make it a bad place to train your dog.) My fiance and I were super invested in getting our 6 month old German Shepherd, Griz, to be as obedient as possible.  I read the reviews for WCC completely transforming your dog, but I didn’t believe it could happen to Griz… yet it DID! Life with him is SO much more enjoyable. I still have to keep him in check, but he’s so much more wiling to listen to me. We did the 4 week obedience program, but I’m sure their shorter programs are just as awesome.”

~ Brittany Wolferts, Orem UT (Obedience Camp)



“Before we started going to social class, Luke was aggressive towards other dogs. He would get really stiff and as soon as any other dog got in his face or went to sniff him, he would try and nip them. We thought we could control him on the leash but it only made it worse. I was nervous about going to social class where the dogs are all off-leash. I thought Luke would be starting fights and biting other dogs. However, social class has worked wonders with Luke! He does great at social class! I don’t have to worry if he’ll be starting fights or biting. The miracle though is that outside of social class, I’ve taken him to puppy play dates with lots of dogs (plenty of them with their own issues). That’s where I can see the positive effects of social class. Even with a dog barking continuously at him in his ear, he totally ignores it! He lets dogs sniff him and he doesn’t try to bite or get stiff! Social class has worked wonders. We are planning on attending group obedience class and I think that will only help Luke even more! We love WCC!”

~ Yvonne Styles, Provo UT (Pack to Basics)



“We took our puppy to Wasatch Canine Camp for the puppy training program when she was almost four months and we have seen so many improvements. Bethany will talk to you about the problems you are encountering and give you suggestions on how to correct the bad behavior. These are things that you can’t get from a book because everyone’s situation is different. When we started going, our puppy basically knew sit and a couple other things. Now she knows down, stay, wait, and place. She is now five months and can actually sit in place for longer than 10 seconds (that’s a long time in puppy time!).  One of our favorite things about Wasatch Canine Camp is that they offer a socialization class. Our puppy loves going every week. It is better than a dog park!!”

~ Ashley Back, West Jordan UT (Puppy Training)



“I took my Doberman Luca to WCC group obedience/CGC class. He improved so much in obedience and it helped him to not to be rude to other dogs. He also passed his CGC! We also attended there social class and he loves it. WCC are awesome trainers!”

~ Melinda Penrod, Orem UT (Group Obedience Class)



“I came to Bethany at my wits end. My lab Zeke is so strong and although we went to other puppy classes first and thought we were good. I wish I had found them first!! Zeke is 76 lbs and I have had two shoulder surgeries so trying to “man” handle him while walking was impossible and not fun for either of us. I was upset daily as it wasn’t fair for him to just be in the backyard but I knew he and/or I would get hurt if I kept trying to do it “my” way. Bethany taught me how to properly use tools (collars, leashes, and techniques) that have made our lives so much better. He respects me more, he is happier, and healthier for it. I can’t wait for the e-collar class so we can take our outdoor hikes to another level of fun and trust! Thanks Bethany!!!”

~ Brenda Palmer, Eagle Mountain, UT (Private Training & Group Etouch)




“Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp are amazing! We needed their help with our two female boxers, Harley and Bella. We had Bella since she was a puppy and got Harley a year later, they were both around the same age. After about a year or so after we got Harley, she started getting really aggressive with Bella and attacking her. We looked online for a trainer to come in and help so we didn’t have to keep the dogs completely separated all the time. Bethany came over and helped us to better understand how our dogs were acting-she was awesome and so knowledgeable! With her advice, we put them on a feeding schedule (which



helped a ton!), we took away the toys and only played with them one at a time to reduce guarding, she helped us understand which cues to look for so we could anticipate their fighting and how to properly react to them. Bethany also suggested that we take them to her socialization classes on Saturdays, which helped SO much! Our dogs were awesome at the classes and it gave them both a good training exercise with others dogs and how to behave. The transformation was incredible and our house became less stressful! Unfortunately, our beloved Harley was diagnosed with cancer



and laid to rest the following year (which we believe was part of the reason she was a little crankier than usual). She will always leave a hole in our hearts and we really appreciate what Bethany did to help us better understand her. We recently got a new puppy, Obie, who is 9 months old and started taking him to socialization classes and can’t wait to seem him become an awesome dog with help of Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp!”

~ Kara Sabin, Saratoga Springs, UT (Private Training)



“My Husband and I adopted a 5 week old Pitbull Puppy. Way to young to have been taken from Mom. He was so out of control that I at one point regretted the rescue. Im kind of ashamed of that. Anyway I found Bethany and seriously handed her off a 10 week old hot mess of a puppy. She kept him for 2 weeks and the Puppy I got back was not even close to the same dog. Please keep in mind he is still a puppy but a puppy under control! I can not stress enough how this was the best money I have ever spent. Im confident that Im going to have a well balanced, well behaved Pitbull. Even more then that I feel I have a partner with Bethany for the rest of his life. Seriously I could go on and on. I could not be happier. Did I mention, the best money Ive ever spent? Id like to stress that I follow her advice to a Tee and the schedule she gives you is invaluable! Once on the schedule Phineas know what to expect and when to expect it. Much happier, balanced dog. We plan to rescue another dog when Phineas is about a year old and I will again in trust that Puppy with Bethany.”

~ Lisa Watts, South Jordan, UT (Puppy Camp)


titan riley

“Riley came back for follow up ETouch training and to properly meet Titan. Titan is a high energy puppy. Bethany properly introduced them, worked with Riley on reinforcing her ETouch training. Titan got very solid basic training and is off to a great start. When I first brought Riley to Bethany, Riley had a serious bite history and was aggressive towards men and most women. Her aggression was based on fear. Bethany was able to work with her and Riley ended up liking her husband very much. When I took Riley back for follow up training, Riley was really happy to see Alan! Our experience and the training Bethany provided was well worth the two drive and fly trips from Georgia to Utah! I will do this again! Thank you Bethany and Alan! You saved Riley’s life… and got Titan off to a great start!”

~ Lori Karlson, Roswell, GA (Boot Camp)



“We adopted a rescue dog. He had all kinds of insecurities that led to behavior problems. He was so traumatized by his time in the shelter that he would cower between my legs if we ran into another dog on our daily walks. He would become aggressive if the other dogs came close. I began to dread walking him and would avoid other dogs whenever I could. We also discovered, after his kennel cough and giardia were cleared up, that he wasn’t the calm, sedate animal we thought he was. He was INCREDIBLY hyper with no self-control. He would break things, chew things, tear up the back yard, jump on people and knock them down, get up on the kitchen table… oh it was a nightmare. Desperate, I started looking online for training tips. I stumbled on an add for Wasatch Canine Camp’s socializing classes and emailed Bethany. She said the classes were just what Trigger needed. And they were! In just a few weeks he had completely transformed and was comfortable and confident and happily playing with the other dogs. I was so pleased with the results I decided to continue his training and signed up for the Basic Training with Wasatch Canine Camp. Bethany came to our home, discussed our problems/needs and then helped us understand Trigger’s temperament and how best to help him be the dog we wanted him to be. Her expertise was invaluable. We followed her training advice and now Trigger is an amazing dog! I have friends who can scarcely understand why I call my dog a “spaz” – all they see is a calm, focused, obedient dog. He is still a very high energy dog, but I now know how to work with him and he has learned how to be that calm, focused and obedient animal everyone sees. I knew we had finally “arrived” when he mastered “place stay” and was off-leash at an extended family camping trip. He’s the kind of dog that makes others want a dog. And I give all the credit to Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp. I carry business cards in my purse and give them out whenever anyone comments on my dog’s excellent behavior – strangers at Petsmart, family and friends. I just can’t say enough good things about Wasatch Canine Camp.”

~ Tara Buck – Provo, UT (Private Training & Pack to Basics ™)


“I brought my 95 pound Coon Hound rescue dog to the free socialization class and was instantly amazed!! I thought my dog was mean but the class showed me that he is a happy dog he just need the right environment . I LOVE this class and recommend it to everyone!! Plus Bethany takes the time after the class to talk to anyone who needs extra help.”

~ Alexandra Veeren – West Valley City, UT (Pack to Basics ™)


“Couldn’t be happier with Bethany and Alan’s training techniques and advice! Thorough, knowledgeable, and very personable, they helped us turn our pup around and taught us how to be better owners/pack leaders in the process. Extremely confident in the Wasatch Canine Camp and delivering an emphatic recommendation doesn’t take a second thought.”

~ Jeremy, Crystal, and Sienna Coffman – Layton, UT (Private Training)



“I came to Wasatch Canine Camp as a VERY inexperienced dog owner. I had no real idea what I was doing! Bethany and the whole staff at WCC helped me better understand dog and puppy behavior, and continue to guide me toward becoming a more confident handler of my very “lively” little Mal-Shi, Sofie (“lively” is a kind way to say “hyper”!). They have all been very patient with me and willing to answer my hundreds of questions without making me feel silly. There is a great energy about Bethany and her staff, and it shows in how both the dogs and the owners respond to them. I feel so lucky to have found them. We LOVE you, WCC!”

~ Erika Honey – Eagle Mountain, UT (Group Obedience Class)



“We called Bethany as soon as we brought Shay home when she was six weeks old. Without Bethany’s help we would not have been able to keep her. Shay is VERY high drive and we were overwhelmed. By the time she was about six months old we were scared of her because when she played she would bite us and we couldn’t control her. Bethany took her for a month as our last hope before rehoming her. When we got her back we thought we had picked up the wrong dog. She was so much more manageable it was amazing! We are still working on a few things like distractions and too much enthusiasm but she is doing really well. Thanks Bethany for sharing your talent and love for dogs with us!”

~ Lee & Deb Gordon – Spanish Fork, UT (Obedience Camp)



“We got our golden into the group obedience class and then moved up to the e-collar group class. We loved it. Bethany has helped us work with Kona and he is a funny, smart, obedient dog. He is well behaved thanks to Bethany and her guidance with his training. We have also attended the social class. That has helped Kona to not be afraid of other dogs and how to play well with them. Thanks to his good foundation Kona is now on to training for search and rescue and therapy. Thanks again Wasatch Canine Camp.”

~ Jeannine Thalman – Mapleton, UT (Group E-touch)


“I have attended the Saturday doggy social here for weeks now, and my dog loves it and has greatly improved on his anxiety levels. He is much less anxious around other dogs and people and looks forward to this class every week.”

~ Tiffany King – Eagle Mountain, UT (Pack to Basics)



“I took my 4 month old Coton de Tulear, Buffy, to Wasatch Canine Camp for the 2 week puppy camp. It was the best thing I have done for myself, and for my puppy. Bethany was able to do in 2 weeks what I was not able to do in 2 months. Plus she trained me on how to interact with Buffy. Buffy’s mouthing is no longer a major issue, walking her on a leash is enjoyable, and she responds well to commands. Bethany took the time to listen to our issues, and when we picked up our puppy, she listened to all of our questions and concerns, and answered each one. It is evident she loves all dogs and wants only the best for every dog she comes in contact with. I am so pleased with the results that I already signed up for the e-collar class next month. I highly recommend Wasatch Canine Camp, you will not regret it!”

~ Rebecca Cengiz-Robbs – North Salt Lake, UT (Puppy Camp)






“Panda is a typical Rottie puppy, she is very stubborn and tests your boundaries all the time. Bethany did a great job training her. She is the best trainer I have met so far. She is responsible and reliable. Panda was in the 4 week Obedience Camp Program, at the end of the 4th week, she called my husband and said she did not think Panda was ready and needed to keep her for longer time. This is how you do things, do it right!

I also left my the other Rottie, Koda, there with her for boarding for several days. We adopted Koda a while ago, she is 130 pounds, at age 2.5 years, she had two owners before. Just some rough time growing up for this big girl. While she was boarding at Bethany’s home, she let her socialize with her pack and taught her how to use treadmill. This must be the best thing that has even happened to this girl. Now she uses treadmill everyday and is so happy.

If you are looking for a great trainer who is professional, caring and will find balance for your dog, look no more!”

~ Yan & Bill Evans – Salt Lake City, UT (Obedience Camp & Group Obedience Class)



“Bethany has spent hours with our puppy. We were first introduced to Bethany when we did a group obedience class through Bethany. At the time our puppy was only 13 weeks old. Though young for her age Bethany’s experience and knowledge was able to help her learn the basics that she needed. She demonstrated things in a way to help her easily learn commands. However, what made the difference was Bethany’s ability to see that Berkley responded to a lighter touch better. By helping Berkley be communicated with in a way she understand she mastered her commands.

We have also participated in Pack to Basics sense Berkley was a puppy. This has been an amazing experience for Berkley. Not only does she learn proper socialization with dogs and doggy hierarchy and communication she is able to carry over the knowledge she learns into how she relates with us. Thanks Bethany for helping her understand that we are the alphas and how to respond to that!!”

~ Kendra & Kyle Owens – Eagle Mountain, UT (Group Obedience Class & Pack to Basics)



“What a great experience it is to work with Bethany!! We adopted our Koda a couple months ago. He is a very hard-headed terrier and was too much for us to handle. With Wasatch Canine Camp, we did the group basic obedience course. Even being in a group setting she caters to your own personal needs with things you need extra help on. She is very patient and has such a positive attitude! We also LOVE the FREE Socials! Thanks WASATCH CANINE CAMP!! 5 STARS!!!!”

~ Beverly Brierley – Eagle Mountain, UT (Group Obedience Class & Pack to Basics)



“I cannot recommend Wasatch Canine Camp enough! Bethany is an incredible mentor, guide, and instructor. My relationship with my Golden Doodle Apollo wasn’t strained but after numerous backyard escape attempts, I realized it was time to invest in professional training. Apollo and I are still learning together but I have noticed an incredible difference in his behavior. He is so much happier, more trusting, and tranquil than he was before.  I feel like I have learned to really communicate with him and our kinship can only be described as harmonious. Wasatch Canine Camp is incomparable to any other training program in Utah. Every dog is different and Bethany goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone’s individual concerns are addressed, and that every dog gets the coaching and rearing they need.”

~ Caitlin Dunn – Provo, UT (Group Obedience Class)



“My husband and I are thoroughly pleased with Panzer, our Giant Schnauzer, AFTER he attended Wasatch Canine Camp’s Obedience Camp for 4 weeks.  What a difference!  We knew he had the potential to be a wonderful companion, but, we couldn’t stop the bouncing and the rambunctious behavior.  We were afraid he was going to hurt someone.

He now behaves calmly, off leash, listens, responds to commands and can accept affection from strangers without flattening them.  Even frail, older dogs are comfortable greeting him as he stands still.  We even took him in a drift boat with us and no one had an unintended swim.  It is great that we can now do different things with him or have a quiet companion at home.

The training didn’t break his spirit or quash his joy for living.  He still runs, jumps, rolls and is a general goof ball, but, when told “come,” he comes and sits calmly.  The e-collar is great.  If he is off leash, I know one touch will have his attention.  Several days ago, an antelope ran right in front of him and he sat the second I said “sit.”  Bath time/grooming was a circus before obedience camp, now the bad part is just the itchy fur that inevitably gets on you.

He was taught how to use a treadmill and that has made it possible to make sure he gets plenty of exercise even when it is hot out.  He has steadily picked up the pace, and the percentage grade, and just seems so pleased to do it each morning.  Of course, he knows he will get fed not too long after he finishes but we believe he really does enjoy it.

I would say that I think it is very important to follow the directions you are sent home with so everything taught at camp becomes a good habit (it also helps to break you of your bad habits).  We couldn’t be happier with the job Wasatch Canine Camp did.

Thank you!”

~ Mary & Bob Greene – Kemmerer, Wyoming (Obedience Camp)

UPDATED PROGRESS: “We were delighted when Panzer came home from boot camp and did our best to follow the instructions so as not to undo the training. It worked! A year and a half later we have a dog that minds, ignores ill mannered dogs and can travel with us anywhere dogs are allowed. Even though he is large, he is allowed to play with smaller dogs when he does have to be boarded because he is respectful. Giant Schnauzers are high energy and need exercise–the training to use the treadmill has been great when the weather is truly foul. It was a great investment!”



“We used Bethany to help  us with our Labrador that had some aggression issues.  We are so happy that we found her to help us, and felt that she was very knowledgeable and informative.  We learned many new things on how to deal with this type of situation.  We would absolutely recommend Wasatch Canine Camp.”

~ Natalie Strong – Saratoga Springs, UT (Puppy Training)



“I have been attending socials for a few months with my lab and I have seen tremendous results. We also did a 6 week obedience course so my dog could pass his CGC test. I saw major results within the first few weeks of the course and knew that if I had any issues at all, I could ask Bethany. I had her full attention and knew the success of my dog was just as important to her as it was for me.

Thank you so much for all of your help, and I really appreciate everything you have done.”

~ Heather Hamilton – Eagle Mountain, UT (Group Obedience class, CGC, Pack to Basics)



“Bethany, I just wanted to thank you for helping us with Dolce. He is doing great! We have been testing him now with his freedom around the house, and his obedience is going well, he is not as high strung as he used to be, and no accidents in the house as of yet! YAY! The potty camp has really helped us and we are grateful for all the time you put into training him. Thanks a TON and we would definitely recommend Wasatch Canine Camp to anyone looking for help with their dogs! Thanks again!!”

~ Rowena Castro, Cedar Hills UT (Potty Camp)



“My dogs needed manners, especially at the front door. I was tired of the circus every time there was a knock at the door. Barking, excitement, me holding on to collars, it was crazy! My husband told me to teach myself through dvd’s or google it and figure it out but that just didn’t cut it. I needed one on one training in my home from an actual trainer. That is exactly what I got from Wasatch Canine Camp. It was amazing to watch Bethany with my dogs, for me to see what was possible and how I can get the same results. She takes the time to show you what you need to do and why, makes sure you’re comfortable and confident about doing it yourself, answers any questions, she really knows what she’s talking about!! From the minute you meet her you can see she just has a way with dogs, they respond to her, it really is amazing to watch. She helped me with one of my dogs that has always pulled on walks, for 8 years!! We’d tried a harness and a gentle leader and she still pulled, it made walking her stressful for me which made the situation worse. Now, by showing me the Halti and how to use it, I can walk both my dogs and it’s enjoyable for me, no more pulling! It has been such a great experience for me and my dogs, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Bethany!!!”

~ Rebecca Pierpont, Eagle Mountain, UT (Private Training & Pack to Basics ™)



“When we first brought Cosmo home we were afraid we had made a mistake but adopting an adult dog.  He was 4 years old and had no training. He wouldn’t listen to us and was always barking at the kids in our neighborhood. Bethany came and showed me how to work with him and it has made a world of difference.  He is so much calmer and happier and has become a great member of our family.  Even our neighbors can’t believe how much he’s changed in just 6 months. Bethany is also great to give continual support if I ever have a question.  Thank you, Wasatch Canine Camp!”

 ~ Nicole Soderquist, Lehi UT (Private training, Canine Good Citizen & Pack to Basics)



“Bethany is the most amazing dog trainer I’ve ever come across. We got a puppy a few months before we had our first child. We were a little worried about how he would interact with a new baby around the house. She gave me excellent tips on how to be the pack leader over my dog and not allow him to be territorial. Also, she taught me how to socialize & desensitize him at a young age by pulling his ears, legs, tail, tongue, etc because that is what a child will do. We constantly did that to him and now he is completely submissive and doesn’t even put up a stink. We also take him to her socialization classes which gives me confidence that he will not attack any dogs while I am walking him or anytime. I would definitely recommend taking training from Bethany. She had helped my puppy to turn out to be an amazing family member! Thank you Beth!! :) “

~ Sheri & Nick Dargel, Orem UT (Puppy Training & Pack to Basics ™)



“Thank goodness we found Bethany & Wasatch Canine Camp.  This was Riley’s last chance at having a wonderful life.  Riley was found at approx. 8 wks old in a thunderstorm at 3 AM.  She had been dumped, developing Parvo and a cigarette burn on the top of head.  After weeks of round the clock care, she made it!  However, her rough start in life took a toll.  She loves her family dearly, but her aggression became increasingly worse.  We tried a local trainer with minimal results.  She could only reinforce the sit and stay.  After 6 bite incidents mostly men, a woman and a child, we were devastated at what we were told we should do with her.  Her first trainer suggested we turn her into a protection dog or put her down.  A local animal behaviorist said we should put her down.  We knew Riley’s true personality was loving, loyal to a fault, goofy, playful and very smart.  At almost 80 lbs. we had to do something.  My daughter Hayley had worked for a veterinary clinic in the past.  One of their techs had heard of Bethany.  Hayley contacted Bethany and we could not plan our trip by car to Salt Lake City the week before Thanksgiving quickly enough, (we spun off the ice covered road into a ditch in Wyoming 2x and spent the night in the car!  Another story for another time!).  Riley growled when she met Bethany’s husband.  I am glad she could see what Riley did in front of people, especially men that she did not know.  By the time we landed the next day in Atlanta, we had the first video!  I was amazed that Riley was cooperating with Bethany and looked happy to be working with her.  With each video over the 5 weeks Riley was there, the progress was amazing! I held my breath watching a stranger pet Riley at Petsmart.  She was completely relaxed and under control. Bethany and her husband took Riley to their family Christmas celebration and she did great.   I have 2 other dogs at home that are high energy for older dogs, (14 yr old Jack Russell and a Dalmatian).  Since Riley has returned home, they have been much more relaxed and very curious of Riley’s excellent behavior and ability to ignore them while she is working with me.  Not to mention the reaction they have when Riley jumps on the treadmill and wants it turned on every day!  We are planning another trip to continue training for Riley and bring one of my daughter’s dogs to work with Bethany!  Thank you Bethany!  I don’t know what we would have done without the amazing work you have done with Riley!”

~ Lori Karlson, Roswell, GA (Boot Camp)



“Wasatch Canine Camp is such a great service. Bethany really cares for you and the dog and making training pleasant for everyone. She had all the right solutions for what I wanted with my dog. Bethany is as knowledgeable and caring as they come. I was happy with everything she provided. The support she gives is superb and personal.”

~ Curtis and Emily Jensen, Woodland Hills, UT (Puppy Training)


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“We got our rambunctious chocolate lab puppy on a whim and quickly figured out we had no idea what we were doing.  Thankfully, Bethany came to the rescue.  She was very good to first listen to us and then make suggestions for training our puppy.  She helped us to not only train our dog, but to also understand her a lot better.  It took a lot of work and we still have a lot of work to do, but our dog is now a more balanced and happy dog, which makes us happy parents.  Bethany’s prices are very reasonable.  I recommend her to everyone that has a dog, because dogs can be so much more than just a pet, but a member of the family.  Our dog used to chew on everything, relieve herself anywhere, bark at everything, pull us on her walks, jump on everyone, runaway, etc.  Now she does her business where she’s supposed to, she doesn’t jump on people, she comes, she stays even with distractions, she heels, she does tricks, plays fetch, and seldom barks.  The training we all received has improved our lives.  Our dog is our 3-year-old’s best friend.  We love our dog and are very grateful for Wasatch Canine Camp.”

~ Jacob & Teresa Baadsgaard, Spanish Fork UT (Puppy Training)


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“I first started bringing Rommel to the Pack to Basics ™ social class when he was just 11 weeks old. It’s an amazing class where dogs learn how to get along with other dogs. This class have been a VERY important part of Rommel’s training as a Pet Therapy Dog. Bethany taught me the importance of training at a young age and we set up a step by step process for his training.  She helped me a lot by showing me how to crate train him and what a difference that made! I was going nuts until then.  Bethany has given me so much knowledge,information and tips on his training and I’ve used every one of them. She suggested getting a “halti” to help with his pulling on walks and showed me how to use it properly. WOW!  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  Since I was in school, training became a little more difficult and so was walking him. We taught him to walk on the treadmill and that has helped tremendously.  He wasn’t coming when I called and would just run off up the street. Something needed to be done!  She started us on the e-collar during a break between quarters and I worked with him about 10 minutes a couple times a day according to her direction.  HUGE difference. AND I got him to stop chasing the cats!  Rommel no longer needs the Halti and will go on his walks with me off leash, by my side. 

Because of Bethany’s help in training Rommel, he passed the Canine Good Citizenship test and is now a Certified Canine Good Citizen. Without this training and certification, he wouldn’t be able to even take the pet therapy dog test. Now he can and because of this training, he should pass that test too!  Rommel and I can’t wait to start volunteering!  Thanks Bethany!  You have been a very important part to bringing some cheer to someone who needs cheering up!  Every time we put a smile on the face of a child or older person in an old folks home or a handicapped person, you can share that with us. It’s a great way to “give back to the community”. Plus, I have a totally awesome dog to spend quality time with and take on hikes. 

Thanks again and keep up the great work!”

~ Catherine Stinett, Springville UT (puppy training, E-Touch ™ training, & Canine Good Citizen Classes)


Camera 360

“Diego suffered from major separation anxiety and other behavioral issues.  I couldn’t even leave him alone without him breaking out of his crate which led to total destruction.  He and I were both miserable even though we were best buddies.  After our consultation, I knew with Bethany’s expertise, the help of her pack of dogs, and the e-touch collar boot camp would be a success.  

I dropped Diego off to Bethany and she worked very hard with him for over 3 weeks.  He learned manners, crate training, e-touch training, more obedience training, and much much more.  I can walk him off the lease with him right by my side.  I can leave him in his crate without it being a total nightmare.  He listens to me every time I give a command.  I give many thanks to her for improving our lives!

When I picked him up she trained me on everything she taught him so that I could bring it into my home and continue on.  I now have very high hopes for my little guy and our lives have already dramatically changed for the better.

Amazing trainer and dog psychologist!  Bethany is passionate and devoted!  She is certified and is very knowledgeable and has solutions for even the hardest situations.  I love that she offers a free consultation before training begins.  With so many trainers out there, you can make sure know what you will be getting from it.  Give them a call!  You won’t regret it!

Thank you so much Wasatch Canine Camp!”

~ Melissa Eubank, Salt Lake City UT (Boot Camp Training)



“We started with Bethany when Sookie was a brand new pup, I knew I was going to need help – not training the dog so much as training ME!  I was so impressed with the amount of one-on-one attention Bethany gave to both Sookie & I.  I LOVED having Bethany bring her dogs along in our training sessions!  Not only did it help teach my dog, it also gave me such motivation to stick with our training in hopes that my dog would behave the way hers do!  All of Bethany’s dogs are a true testament of her vast knowledge in training dogs to work together in a pack, as well as being wonderful, individual companions to their people!  It has been a year or more since our last training session with Bethany, but I still hear from her from time to time, just to check in on us and see how we are doing.  She truly cares about her clients (people & dogs alike!) and I know we’ll look to Bethany for all our training….now, if only she could be hired for children!”

~ Heather Graham, Pleasant Grove UT (E-Touch ™ Training & Pack to Basics ™)



“Thank you for the great work you did with our boy Scooby Doo. Before you came to us, we knew Scooby was a great dog but didn’t know the exact way to teach him so that he could live with us better. You gave us real insight into what makes him tick and what to do to make him respond the way we wanted. The lessons on teaching him who was in control were particularly valuable. We now have a great foundation on which to build our lifelong relationship with our beloved dog Scooby. Please keep up your good work!”

~ Edric Woo, Salt Lake City, UT (Basic Training)



“I have known Bethany as professional Dog trainer for the last 2 years. Bethany is honest, committed and very professional with her clients. Bethany is constantly learning and developing her dog training skills. Bethany has a tremendous ability to work with dogs of different breeds, she understands each breed needs and behavior; furthermore she takes the time to identify each dogs needs and is able to accomplished great things with them in both obedience and behavior training. I have seen the results of Bethany’s training and my dogs love her. That is an indication of how professional her dog training methods are. If you have any questions about my experience with Wasatch Canine Camp feel free to contact me. (801) 893-1304”

~ Alejandro Perez, Orem UT (E-Touch Training ™ & Pack to Basics ™)



“I want to highly recommend Bethany’s dog training services with Wasatch Canine Camp. My husband and I own a 9 month old German Shepherd (Max). We got him when he was a little puppy to replace our 13 year old German Shepherd we recently lost. We watched him grow into a bigger dog and he became very high energy and hard to control. We had all the right intentions and tried to train him. We went to the Petsmart training program and also used Doggie Daycare. While he did make some improvement, we just weren’t getting the results we were looking for. When walking up the stairs, he’d push his way past and he’d chase our cats obsessively. When walking him, he’d pull as hard as he could – when feeding him, he’d take it or leave it. We knew he was a smart dog but he was very stubborn, high energy, barked all the time and did things on his time and not ours. It started to cause a lot of tension in our marriage, and we were tired and out of ideas.

We found Wasatch Canine Camp while looking online, and I emailed Bethany and within an hour I received a call. I felt very confident based off of the on-line video’s, information provided, testimonials, and our phone conversation. I set up an appointment to have Max come and stay with her for the Boot Camp Training. We were initially concerned about using an E-Collar as we thought it was a shock collar. Bethany had us both try it on ourselves and we couldn’t even feel it on the setting that we use on our dog.

The dog we dropped off and the dog we picked up are a night and day difference. Wow. He now has manners, he listens, he eats immediately when given food, he walks on the treadmill, walks by our side, waits for us to go up the stairs, sits, stays, lays down, and will go to a specific place and stay there until called. He is just a real pleasure. Max is happier, he now has structure and routine and I can tell that he feels like his life has purpose. We can’t say enough good things about Bethany and her training methods. She has a very calm demeanor and really knows dogs. She knows how to train dogs and more importantly, how to train dog owners. She gave us a lot of hope and we can’t believe how far Max has come in just a few short weeks.

We were a little apprehensive about the cost at the first, but after picking him up and seeing the progress he has made, my husband and I feel like it was worth every penny and more. We are truly happy with the results and feel like we have the dog we always wanted. He’s a dog we are proud to own and we owe it all to Bethany’s training. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. If you are thinking about having her help you train your dog, don’t wait.”

~ Angela & Karl Wenger, Syracuse UT (Boot Camp Training)


Holiday 173

“My husband and I own a 4 and half year old Pit Bull named Rachel. We got her from a shelter when she was 8 months old. At the time we adopted her we had two other dogs as well. She was slowly introduced to them and they all got along really well. As she started getting older we realized she was becoming less social with other dogs outside of our “pack”. The problem only worsened when we had to move from California to Utah so my husband could attend school. We knew that it would be impossible to bring all of our dogs with us, so we decided to re-home the other 2 dogs which were much easier to find homes for (it’s really hard to find a good home for a Pit Bull in case you haven’t experienced that). With Rachel now being the only dog in our home, she seemed to forget how to socialize with other dogs completely. When she saw a dog on a walk she would bark, whine, and pull. Her disposition came off as very aggressive, although we knew she was not that way. In fact, she was the opposite with people. When people would come over to our house or would meet her without other dogs around they always thought she was the sweetest dog ever!

With this in mind I avoided any other dogs like the plague! I didn’t want a freak accident to happen where Rachel could possibly get into a fight. The Pit Bull breed already has a bad rap and I didn’t want to add to the problem with onlookers thinking what a terrible dog she is to confirm their suspicion about the pitbull breed. So for the majority of the first year my husband and I lived in Utah this was more or less the situation. After a while I started to get frustrated that things seemed to be getting worse and not better because I had been avoiding the problem for so long.

Luckily I finally found Bethany, a trainer who was willing to work with a Pit Bull and was knowledgeable about the breed. She taught me right away that I shouldn’t be avoiding the situation and in fact this was making it worse.I had to face it head on so that Rachel knew she couldn’t get away with that bad behavior. Bethany mentioned using an e-collar on Rachel for a while to help with her unruly behavior towards other dogs and also with a more recent problem, her prey drive towards the deers we lived by. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t keen on the idea of what I thought was a “shock collar” at the time, (as I’m sure maybe some of you who are reading this can relate to). So I told her my husband and I would have to think about where we wanted to go from here. Well another full year almost went by and I still never got back to her. I was finally at my wits end with everything so I called her back. By then she had gotten the class Pack to Basics up and running and I thought, “Hey it’s free, why not give it a try?” I also thought it would be a good opportunity to see what kind of a trainer she was.

I was very nervous about taking her to an off leash class with other dogs, but Bethany assured me that it was done in a very controlled environment. My husband and I brought Rachel that first time and have been going faithfully ever since! We both could tell Beth had TOTAL control over any situation which would arise. All the dogs seemed to know who was in charge, which was Beth. She displayed a sense of confidence, and calmness that the dogs were aware of as well as their owners.

Soon after Rachel and I started to attend Bethany’s weekly class, I was very eager to work with her. She talked with me about my concerns with the e-collar and even encouraged me to test out how it felt on my own hand. Surprisingly it was a painless stimulation, just more of an annoyance. She emphasized that she works with dogs on the lowest level to achieve the desired results. After we started working with Rachel on the e-collar we could see drastic improvements on walks with Rachel when she saw other dogs and we were even making progress on what I thought to be impossible, her prey drive for deers. I felt I could finally get her attention, and break the cycle of her barking and whining towards other animals.

With these unwanted issues starting to improve I could finally start pursuing Rachel’s therapy dog certification I had wanted for so long. First I had to get her Canine Good Citizen certified. Again, Beth played a vital role in order to make sure that could happen. Rachel was not allowed to use the e-collar in either the CGC test or therapy dog test, so we had to perfect the skills that she had learned so well with the help from the e-collar. Rachel had a good foundation of basic obedience so I wasn’t worried about that, I worried about the portion of the test were she would have to meet a neutral dog and have a neutral reaction towards it. Beth helped me gain the confidence I needed to have so Rachel wouldn’t feed off of my nervous energy. She needed to know I was the one in charge. She ended passing the test with flying colors!

From there she was ready to purse the therapy dog test, one very similar to the CGC test but longer and more intense. To be a therapy dog the evaluator giving the test has to make sure the dogs will be safe with kids and adults in all types of situations. They push the dogs to their limit in every humane way possible. Loud noises, people pulling and tugging on them, different distractions and of course an introduction to another neutral dog. Because of working with Bethany I felt Rachel was ready. With the combination of Pack to Basics, the e-collar training, and learning how to be the pack leader she passed!

Rachel is now an ambassador for the breed. We volunteer at Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC, making a lot of children very happy every time she goes to visit them! I thank Bethany SO MUCH for all of her knowledge and hard work that she has put into Rachel to help her become the dog she is today!!!

Below is the picture that was taken for our therapy dog badge.”

~ Stephanie Chavez, Provo UT (E-Touch ™ Training & Pack to Basics ™)



“In March, 2010, we purchased two German Shepherd puppies. What could have been a very challenging endeavor has worked out fabulously, thanks to Bethany.

We have taken advantage of multiple services offered by Wasatch Canine Camp including socialization classes, boot camp with e-collar training and one-on-one sessions at our home. The combination of these training and socialization methods, in addition to working with our dogs daily, has produced to two well-behaved, calm, well-socialized seven month old puppies.

We cannot say enough positive things about Bethany. Her patience with both dogs and their owners is impressive as are her depth of knowledge and experience. Bethany has not only done wonders for our puppies, she has taught us how to be better dog owners and has given us the tools we need to raise happy and obedient dogs. Working with Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp has been a great experience!”

~ Mara and Jason Nixon, Salt Lake City UT (Boot Camp, Puppy training, & Pack to Basics ™)



“Jim is a 9ish year old chocolate lab mix rescue dog. He was bounced around for several years and then ended up with my husband and I. He has always been a very sweet and lovey boy but he had several “fatal flaws”. He had a bad dominance problem bordering on dog aggression, and a very wandering nature (he ran off at any opportunity), and pulled horribly on the leash. I found WCC’s Pack to Basics class on KSL and started taking Jim and my other dog every week. In the beginning Jim was a bit of a terror. He was very over dominant, mounting, marking, over correcting etc. until one day he picked a fight with a bigger dog and needless to say, got his butt roundly kicked. Beth was very insistent that he keep coming and that we needed to be consistent with him. After the fight Jim was 180′ a different dog, he completely shut down. He would stand in the middle of the yard and shake until class was over. He would be exhausted after and generally acted like he hated us for making him go. After months of taking him every Saturday and often staying for both classes he started to once again evolve. Now almost a year after the fight, Jim is (may I brag?) one of the best dogs in class. He is calm and assertive and knows how to correct bad behavior well enough that Beth has several times used him with other clients dogs. He knows where we are headed when we get in the car on Saturdays and is always super excited to go.

Beth has a way with the dogs in class, she knows just when to leave them be or try to bring them out of their shell. The dogs respect her and she always gets the results she wants. If there are tiffts between dogs she is so calm and in control of the situation. Jim is a perfect example of what Pack to Basics can do for a dog. He is a much better citizen because of it for sure.

We also worked with Beth and Jim with the E-collar to help with his wandering tendencies. After only 3 sessions Jim was so much better. He actually pays attention to us when he is off leash and does not bolt off after any whim. I love Beth’s philosophy of not just teaching the dog good manners but teaching the owner how to elicit those good manners. Beth also taught us how to use the ‘Halti’ and oh the difference that has made. I could barely walk just Jim before, and heaven forbid if another dog came into the picture, he would lunge and bark and turn into the hulk. Now I can walk all three of my big dogs with relative ease, and we can pass other dogs and even cats without a giant scene.

Beth truly knows her stuff and really wants people to live happier with their dogs. She is a fountain of dog knowledge, training, feeding, grooming, whatever the question, if she does not know the answer, she will find out. She is awesome and so willing to teach whatever it takes to help dogs and their people. We are so great full to her as well, for being willing to offer references about our dogs if we need them. With 3 big dogs its hard to find a landlord willing to rent to us but it makes all the difference when we mention our “trainer” will vouch for the dogs behavior. Thanks so much Beth!”

~ Megan and Ray Lewis, Springville UT (Pack to Basics ™ & E-touch ™ training)



“I bought an 8 week old Shih tsu/toy poodle mix puppy in November of 2009. I named him Harley, after my motorcycle. He was absolutely adorable! Unfortunately, it had been at least 14 years since I had trained a puppy. It was turning out to be a little bit of a nightmare. Harley would run wild through the house, even though he was kenneled at night, & would play bite when we wanted to play with him. He was not taking to house breaking very easily & wouldn’t come when called. I was frustrated!!!! (so was my husband)

One day at work I found Bethany on & called her. After a few minutes speaking with her on the phone I decided I liked her approach to dog training. I also like the idea of 1:1 training instead of group training. After our first meeting I was armed with new ways to relate to Harley. I saw immediate results & I continue to see improvement.

Harley is a delightful part of our family! He goes to work with me at a local nursing rehabilitation/long-term care facility. He rides on my motorcycle with me. He has even auditioned for a movie.

Thanks, Bethany!!!!!”

~ Sandy Baker, West Valley City, UT ( Puppy Training)


Spring 2010 015

“Our puppy, Pocket, was 5 months old when we called Bethany for training sessions.  She was a good, happy puppy but was starting to get too energetic and mischievous.  Bethany helped show us how to provide good outlets for her energy that was both fun for her and convenient for us.  She also taught us how to improve her diet, schedule, and crate training so that they were more effective.  Within weeks Pocket was on a new daily routine and was much calmer and happier overall than before.  Now, a year later, Pocket needs very little correction and is still incredibly well behaved.”

~ Natasha King, Springville UT (Puppy Training)



“Wasatch Canine Camp was kind of the last resort for Crush. She was a sweet, loving dog, but was completely out of control. Crush is a year and a half old Husky-German Shepard mix and had very apparent husky-like behaviors; she would run away quite a bit when she was left off-leash, she would not know how to control herself around small children and have very bad manners with regards to food. I came to Bethany in hopes to change Crush’s attitude and behavior.

I have previously read many of Cesar Milan’s books and have found a great liking for his techniques. When I had spoken with Bethany I knew she had a deep understanding for dogs and their behaviors. Crush was a sweet and loving dog but didn’t know how to act properly because she had a different attitude that needed to be changed. After speaking with Bethany briefly over the phone I was pretty confident that this would work.

After a months time I picked up Crush from Bethany and after the transition period I really saw that Crush was able to control her stress a lot more, she was more attentive in general, reliable off-leash, great with dogs (she used to not get along with dogs on leash-barrier frustration.), and I could list a whole lot more changes, however the most important part was that Crush had a different attitude and was able to control her “husky tendencies”.

I was very pleased with what Bethany has done because Crush is really a changed dog. I’m very lucky to have stumbled on Wasatch Canine Camp on

I’m very pleased.”

~ Kwun Lock, Salt Lake City UT (Boot Camp)



“My Fiance Anna and I have a basset hound named Broozer. He was giving us all sorts of problems, barking non-stop, jumping on people, being way to hyper when inside and while walking, the list goes on and on. In just a few hours we found out that all the behaviors we didn’t like were our fault. Bethany sat us down and told us the proper schedule that Broozer should be on, feeding, walking, sleeping , and she even taught us how a dog thinks. She supplied us with so much useful information which has dramatically changed Broozer for the better. He is now a happy dog that is on a schedule that all 3 of us enjoy and can maintain. We are much happier and it is a lot quieter around the house now thanks to Bethany, she also helped us to foster and adopt our new dog Onyx! I would highly recommend Bethany and Wasatch Canine Camp to anyone who  needs some assistance with their dog. It has been a great experience.“

~ Brandon & Anna Comstock, Herriman UT (Basic Training)



“I recently took my 1yr old American Bulldog to Wasatch Canine Camp. I did the month long boot camp. I was so frustrated with Minka because she was so hyper and strong and I never felt like I could control her. She would go crazy whenever anyone came over and would jump up and knock them down. Also anytime the door would open she would bolt out and I could never get her back unless I would drive to her and tell her we were going Bye-bye. I would get so stressed out and wasn’t really enjoying her.

She constantly chased our cats and terrorized them. My 9yr old daughter could not control her or try to walk her. When we went for walks, she would do the leading and pulling. Walks were not any fun for us. I was determined to get her to be the kind of dog I had imagined and am so lucky to have come across Bethany on I knew I had an amazing dog, but just needed the help to train her and myself.

I cannot believe the outcome. She is an entirely new dog, except she is still so loving. She now listens to everything I tell her and seems to be so eager to please. She stays in her place when it’s feeding time or when someone comes to the door until she is prompted to come. We can take walks off-leash without the stress or worry of her running after another person or animal. We spend hours outside on the front lawn and she just lies there while I sit and read or walk around taking care of the yard work. I don’t even have to watch her that closely because I know she is right next to me or lying down. I am now a very happy, stress free dog owner and believe I have a very happy, stress free dog. I cannot thank Bethany and her husband enough and would recommend any of her services to anyone! It is well worth the cost, actually she could charge much more!”

~ Kim Adams, Salt Lake City UT (Boot Camp Training)



“My roommate Jason & I decided to get a dog to hang out with and decided on a German Shepherd puppy.  Her name is Josie, and she drove us absolutely crazy for the first 6 months with us!  I have owned 4 dogs before Josie, so I was pretty confident I could train her and get her to a point where she wasn’t driving us crazy, but with each passing week, she became more hyper and more of a pain in the butt!  We could rarely keep her inside with us because she had way too much energy and could never chill out, and the more we left her outside, the more she would destroy in the back yard. Finally we found a solution: Bethany at Wasatch Canine Camp.  I was amazed as I watched her work with Josie the first time in our house.  Josie was calm, submissive, and obviously happier when she was around. Since that first meeting, Bethany has taught us how to train Josie to do nearly anything we want her to do. Josie now hangs out with us inside on her “place” (the pillow pictured in the photo), walks with us like an angel off leash, even when other people and dogs are around, and is currently learning how to exercise on a treadmill so that on super cold days, it’s a little easier to get her some exercise.  We don’t have the perfect dog yet, but with what Bethany has taught us and Josie, I’m confident that we will have the perfect dog very soon.”

Thanks Bethany!

~ Grant Anderson & Jason Motes, Riverton UT (E-Touch ™ Training)



“I have 2 big dogs.  An American Bulldog and a Newfoundland. We were having multiple problems with both dogs.  One day I came home from work and my wife informed me that she had contacted Wasatch Canine Camp.  The first thing that came to my mind was “how much is this going to cost me?”  I want to make one thing very clear: IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY I SPENT!

You see, the thing I learned most was it wasn’t just the dogs, it was me.  I didn’t know how to interrupt the dog’s behavior, nor did I know the correct way to handle a dog.  I have owned many dogs and even bred Boxers for awhile. What I had learned from Bethany was that I should have done more research on dogs before I ever owned one.

I also learned is that it is never too late to train a dog.  Bethany is more than qualified for this work.  Her love for animals and passion for knowledge is unbelievable.  It has been a year since we first worked with Bethany and still to this day she never hesitates to answer any questions that I have.

I highly recommend Wasatch Canine Camp to EVERYONE!  Even if you do have plenty of experience with dogs, you will learn something that will be worth your time and money.  I cannot thank Bethany enough for the things she has taught me.  She is a great person with great knowledge and she is ready to share it with you!  DO NOT MISS OUT!”

~ Nate & Amanda Maughan, Eagle Mountain UT (Basic Training)

Dog Lover, Wasatch Canine Camp Supporter



“We got Francois, a French Bulldog, at 6 months and unfortunately he did not get any socialization or obedience training prior to becoming ours. He was aggressive with other dogs and did not listen and appeared indifferent to us. He would not obey any commands, was really difficult to walk and would take off running any chance he got.

We worked with Bethany and on the very first session, she was able to get Francois properly walking on a leash, or rather taught us how to properly walk him. She also brought along members of her own pack, so that we could try some socialization. Bethany was very patient and made us feel very at ease even though Francois was behaving badly toward the other dogs. By the end of the session, we were able to get Francois to submit. After a few more sessions with Bethany and some socialization classes, we were able to get another dog (Frosty) as a companion for Francois. They are doing well together. Francois walks really well on a leash, responds to commands and has stopped running away and comes when called.

Bethany has always been available to us and very helpful with any questions we have. She has given us advice when we were looking for another dog and came to help us properly introduce Francois and Frosty. We truly appreciate everything she has done for our little family.”

~ Shaunelle Eckman and Brandon Frenette, Salt Lake City (Basic Training)



“Before working with Bethany our 8 month old 80lb Akita/ Lab mix Kody was driving us insane. We were considering getting rid of him. We could not walk him without getting dragged down the street. His behavior was absolutely embarrassing, he would jump up on everyone and if you weren’t ready for it he would knock you over. Now we walk him on a busy city street without a leash, obedience is no longer a problem. We also adopted a six year old Lab thinking it would help us with Kody. That was not the case. Daisy was nervous, dog aggressive and nearly impossible to walk. Now it is possible to walk her past other dogs on the street off leash and have her stick by my side. Our lives with our dogs is much more enjoyable now. This has been one of the best investments we have ever made. The best part was that Bethany taught US what we needed to do in order to train our dog. She gave us the confidence to handle anything that these giant puppies could throw at us. We would recommend Bethany to anybody.”

Current Update:

“A year ago, before finding Bethany, my two dogs had me at the end of my rope.  They were disobedient, terrible on walks, nervous, dog and food aggressive.  My life with my dogs was miserable; I was contemplating getting rid of them.  I doubted myself as a “dog person.”  I had read all of Cesar Millan’s books and nothing he suggested worked for me.  After only a couple of visits with Bethany my relationship with my dogs was completely different.  They would listen to me on and off leash, in and out of the backyard.  I can walk them on a busy city street, off leash, past other dogs, without incident.  It has been a year since we first started working with Bethany, and now the dogs are a source of pride for me.  I am able to do yard work with them in the front yard without a leash, only using verbal commands, without them leaving the yard.  Bethany has been the best thing we have ever found to help us deal with our dogs.  She has come back a couple of time as a “refresher course.”  I would recommend Bethany to anyone that want help having a better relationship with their dogs.”

~ Ron Dalrymple, Salt Lake City (E-Touch ™ Training)



“First of all, I should say that Bethany has helped me love our dog so much more! Tia and I brought Jessi, a year old Black Russian Spaniel, back with us from the Republic of Georgia.  After a 36 hour flight he was safe in America, but he wasn’t happy. Our dog, that we once took on crowded bus rides and walked calmly through crowded streets with packs of people, suddenly became very aggressive. He was biting everyone who would come near him. He was barking at 3 am in the morning and destroyed a hand-woven wool rug. Jessi was not the dog we had raised in Georgia.  We tried a barking collar so that we could sleep at night but that was not a great investment. My wife broke down in tears after one use of it. I finally had had enough and called Bethany to come to our house to help get our Jessi back to normal. We bought the E-Touch Training package with her and ever since that day I, Mark, have been a very happy person! The e-collar worked wonderful!  We now take Jessi on walks at the park without a leash. In fact now he takes our other dog, Tyson, on the walk and walks him! He loves playing on playground equipment doing agility. He sleeps right next to our 1 month old niece and gives her kisses. In three weeks I accomplished what took my parents 4 years with their dogs. I would recommend Bethany to anyone dealing with dog issues. She is professional, timely, and full of advice! Last but not least… Jessi is a much happier dog now! Feel free to call us and talk to us if you would like! Bethany has our number.


~ Mark and Tia Schaerrer, Orem (E-Touch ™ Training)



“What a difference the training (or should I say rehabilitation) with Bethany made!!!! I have an American Bulldog named Hank (far left in picture). Hank is 3, and started becoming aggressive about 1 1/2 years ago. It started with little dog fights with my other male dog, and became late night ER vet visits. Then he started with humans, again only males. Working in a vet office myself I did everything I knew (which I THOUGHT was a lot) to do. Nothing helped, it was either put him down or get help. I found WONDERFUL help! Bethany helped me realize I was empowering Hank and taught me how to control the situations. Hank, my other dog Tucker, and I couldn’t be happier! I have definitely changed my life around as far as the dogs go but we couldn’t be more pleased. It was a lot to get used to and a ton of hard work (which we still do every day and always will!). We have had NONE of the bad behaviors, not even the destructive separation anxiety that he was doing before. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I would recommend WCC anytime!”

~ Courtney Huerta, Pocatello Idaho (Boot Camp)



“Before Beth started to train my dog, Bigfoot was really whiny and overly aggressive. He would also occasionally snap at me and he would ALWAYS pull on his leash and be insubordinate. I thought he wasn’t ever going to learn. After Beth came over and started helping me train Bigfoot, he became so much more obedient and actually started showing a lot of improvement. Now he’s an awesome dog. He’s really well behaved and is no longer a burden for me.”

~ Nefi Acosta, Provo (Puppy training)


“We bought a beagle puppy that had major issues. He nipped at our kids constantly and would steal toys from their hands. It grew so bad, we considered getting rid of the dog. But Bethany was able to help us. Our dog, Tobey, is now well behaved and the kids love him again. He no longer bites at all, and can play with my children without making them cry every time. The training Tobey, and us, received was well worth the price and knowledge!”

~ Jolynn and Doug Forman, Payson (E-Touch ™ Training)



“We have two dogs, a male Lab mix and a female Australian Shepherd/Husky mix.  When our dogs were about a year and half, my husband and I gave up on training them, feared that we were doomed to wild dogs, and would never bring visitors into our back yard. The dogs were hyper and disobedient. The first time Bethany visited us, she showed us why some of the methods we were using weren’t working, because we were doing them wrong. Some of the most important things Bethany taught us were how to interact with our dogs, and not to encourage bad habits. The change in our dogs behavior was almost immediate, as we learned how establish dominance make our training sessions productive. The training Bethany taught us was easily included in our daily walks, and didn’t require as much time as we had been spending prior. Now our dogs are calm and pleasant to be around. They are a delightful part of our lives, instead of running our lives. If we hadn’t called Bethany, I’m afraid we would still be frustrated and worried everyday. We love Bethany!”

~ Natalie and Cameron Egbert, Provo (Basic Training)



“I adopted two dogs from an animal shelter, a male Black Lab and a female Spaniel Mix, that were very dominant and very disobedient. They always pulled on their walks (So bad the neighbors would comment, “Looks like they’re walking you!”), jumped on the furniture, jumped all over me, peed in the house, all sorts of things that made me so frustrated and so angry. I didn’t know what to do with them! After Beth came, things have been so much better!! She not only taught them at how to be more relaxed, more obedient dogs, she taught me how to train them! She taught me how to be the dominant one and to take charge, which helps me, better take care of them. I would recommend Wasatch Canine Camp to anyone. It has made a world of difference for both me, and my dogs!”

~ Angela Norden, Provo (Basic Training)


“I purchased a Chocolate Lab with big paws and did not imagine how big and energetic he would become. I was at a point that either we found help or we would need to get rid of him. I have small kids and Copper was way to excited to be around them. With Bethany’s help we were able to channel his energy and give him a strong focus. He is a lot better mannered dog, he can now be trusted around my kids and strangers with out worrying about him jumping all over them. He is well on his way to preparing for the upcoming waterfowl hunting season.”

~ Andy Christiansen, Spanish Fork (E-Touch ™ Training)